А-силуэтное кружевное платье со шлейфом.
Платье расшито вручную хрусталем, бисером, стеклярусом, жемчугом.
Пояс на талии декорирован брошкой и завязывается сзади на бант.


    How do I send in my submissions?

    You can submit your work by clicking on the Get Involved Tab and the Submissions Form subheading and filling out a google form linked on the page!

    Do you have to sign up for a position to get involved and submit work?

    Nope! You don't have to be a signed up member to submit artwork, photos, or recipes. Any contribution is appreciated!

    How can I apply to be an executive member?

    Currently there are no openings for any executive member positions. However, please check the website frequently to see if any openings do free up in the future.