• А-силуэтное платье с короткими рукавами. Атласный поясок на талии завязывается сзади на бант. Корсет платья вручную расшит жемчугом, стеклярусом и хрусталём.
  • Цвет: пудровый
  • Линейка размеров: любой на выбор
  • Примерка: Предварительная запись на примерку по телефону - 89287531133 или в разделе "Запись на примерку"
  • Гарантия наличия в указанном салоне выбранного вами платья.
  • Прокат: Платье, выбранное впрокат, можно сразу забрать из салона, не зависимо от того, сколько времени остается до вашей свадьбы.
  • Продажа: Цена продажи свадебного платья зависит от сезонных акций. Уточняйте у консультантов салона. В данный момент действует скидка на покупку 15%. 
  • Диапозон цен: 8-80 тыс. руб
  • Пошив: Возможен пошив по фотографии или эскизу


    Why should I use Prime for my utilities?

    The Majority of our customers tell us that time is a precious commodity and running their business provides challenges. Researching, negotiating and agreeing the best utilities contracts with suppliers takes a lot of time and considerable effort. At Prime Utilities, we use advanced algorithm's and softwear to monitor the utility market in real-time. This means we can analyse the market for the best prices. Our “Premier” status and strong relationships also provides us with access to bespoke utilities offers and savings that might not be available otherwise. If that's not enough our software will alarm us everytime a better contract becomes avaliable for our clients so we're able to switch them instantly saving time and money.

    Which utility sectors do Prime specialise in?

    We provide intelligent solutions to all business utilities including electric, green-energy, gas, water and waste removal. We also offer bespoke corperate solutions & value added services to companies with large consumption and multiple sites. Our expert teams are adaptable and able to accomidate almost any utility need.

    What do I have to do to ensure a smooth switch?

    Essentially, nothing! We take care of all the paperwork and hassle of switching provider. Your payment goes directly to the provider and we take care of that too. So, sit back and pour yourself a cup of tea!

    Do I always have to switch supplier?

    It's not always the case that we switch your supplier! Often we are able to negotioate and secure a better renewal rate if that is preffered.

    Will my service be distrupted if I switch supplier?

    No! we ensure the entire process is completely seemless, you won't have to worry about any service disruptions, just sit back and relax.

    How often will you swap my supplier?

    Our software searches the market in real-time this means as soon as a better deal comes up for you, we'll switch you automatically. On average this happens every 6-9 months.

    How much could I save?

    This depends on your current supplier and rate, often we've found that we can save our clients upto 45%!

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