Атласное свадебное платье "Эмма" с маечкой из сетки

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Эмма - Emma

    ​Does my child need tennis experience to take a Tennis 1-2-3 enrichment class?

    No previous tennis experience is necessary. Tennis 1-2-3 is designed to introduce K-4th grade students to tennis with age appropriate instruction and equipment that is dynamic and retainable. The curriculum was designed by tennis professionals that incorporate lesson plans that are fun, safe and effective.

    Does my child need his/her own tennis racquet to participate in a Tennis 1-2-3 enrichment class?

    No, Tennis 1-2-3 will provide all necessary equipment including: appropriately sized racquets and nets, low compression balls, and any additional court organization equipment.

    What will my child learn in a Tennis 1-2-3 class?

    Students will experience tennis instruction, physical activity, a mix of educational components and other character building initiatives and life lessons. Each member of Tennis 1-2-3’s coaching staff is screened and trained to help guide your child to becoming an avid tennis player.

    When and where are classes held?

    Classes are conducted before or after school, indoors and out, on any hard surface at schools. Tennis 1-2-3 provides all of the equipment necessary to create tennis courts in virtually any space.

    Does my child need to bring/wear anything specific to a Tennis 1-2-3 class?

    Students should wear comfortable clothes (closed-toed shoes only). All other equipment will be provided and students will receive a TopNotch Tennis t-shirt.

    What does a typical class look like?

    A typical Tennis 1-2-3 class is a healthy balance between learning and fun. We teach the basic fundamentals of tennis while providing fun, safe, and active games/drills to reinforce the learned tennis skills. We have a 8:1 ratio (student/instructor) and all of our coaches are either certified with the USPTA/USPTR and/or have received numerous hours of on court training with TopNotch Tennis with an average of 5+ years of experience per instructor. Below is a general outline of what the class would consist of:

    • Warm Up/Check In: (10 minutes) - This warm up will help develop motor development skills in a fun way. The kids will be working on: hand eye coordination, footwork, balance, agility, and basic racquet control.
    • Skill Development (25 minutes) - We will have a “stroke/skill of the day” each week that the kids will work on with rotating stations format. The basic fundamentals of the following tennis strokes will be taught: forehand, backhand, volleys, serving, and rallying.
    • Games/Team Competitions (25 minutes) – We provide a wide variety of fun, safe, and active games that reinforce the tennis skills that are taught that day.

    How long is a typical 4-5 year old class?

    A typical class for 4-5 year olds range between 45min-1hr depending on the maturity level of the kids. We usually offer 45 minute sessions for our 3-4 year olds and 1 hour sessions for our 5-6 year olds.

    How many students, minimum and maximum, do you prefer to work with?

    We keep a 8:1 ratio for all of our classes. The amount of students in this program would be based on the size of the space provided.

    What is the cost per student per class?

    The cost per student per class would be $15-$20. We can be flexible in the amount of weeks the session would run. Some of the schools like to offer 10-12 week sessions, and other schools prefer 6 -8 week sessions. We are very flexible in the amount of weeks we can offer. However, the recommended amount of weeks in one session would be a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure the kids really learn and make progress.

    Any special equipment/clothing required of the students?

    The only equipment/clothing the kids would need is athletic attire. We provide all necessary tennis learning equipment for each child: tennis net, balls, racquets, and court organization tools (dots/cones).

    How much indoor/outdoor space do you require?

    The amount of space needed depends on how many kids we would open this program up to. Typically, the minimum amount of space for a 6-12 kid class would be half of the gym. For example, we are using the gym at The Potomac School and Churchill Road and have 18 kids in each program. We will have 3 nets set up with 3 instructors to keep a 8:1 ratio.

    What kind of equipment do you use?

    We use the QuickStart/10 and Under tennis equipment based on USTA (United States Tennis Association) guidelines. The racquets and balls are scaled in size to the age of the child which makes the learning process much easier and helps makes tennis more enjoyable for kids at a young age.

    How can I get Tennis 1-2-3 at my child’s school?

    We are expanding our programs in the Northern VA area, we would love the opportunity to bring Tennis 1-2-3 to your child's school. Simply send us an email at Info@TopNotchTennis.com.

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