А-силуэтное атласное платье со шлейфом и карманами в боковых швах. Кружевной корсет с маечкой и рукавами 3/4 расшит вручную хрусталем, стеклярусом и жемчугом. 
Атласный поясок на талии украшен брошкой и завязывается на бант с лентами.

A-line satin dress with pockets in the side seams. The lace corset with a T-shirt and 3/4 sleeves is hand embroidered with crystal, glass beads, and pearls. Behind the center of the back there is a secret zipper and lacing, which allows you to adjust the size.

Сабрина - Sabrina

    1. How does DARe LINKS work for MSMEs?

    MSMEs can register as a vendor in the DARe LINKS Portal where DARe will facilitate linkages between participating Large Companies and registered vendors based on Large Company requirements through the online platform.

    Through the Portal, MSMEs can...

    • Create a business profile and be part of the supplier directory
    • Apply for Vendor Development Training (VDT) offered by DARe
    • Submit their proposals for projects, tenders and procurement requests
    • Increase their credibility and visibility to Large Companies by updating their profile regularly
    • Receive support from DARe through the monitoring of linkages to perform well throughout the duration of the project

    2. Why should you join DARe LINKS

    • Access to linkage opportunities for tender or projects with participating Large Companies
    • Early bird registrations for Vendor Development Training through IBA to develop your business capabilities for growth
    • Opportunity for mentoring and coaching with industry experts through linkage
    • Gain access to various supports available in the DARe ecosystem

    3. How can DARe LINKS help your business?

    • Connect your business with Local Large Companies through the DARe LINKS Portal
    • Highlight your business to Large Companies in this online business matching platform
    • Generate new leads with Large Companies and other registered vendors
    • Develop your business by increasing sales awareness and reach
    • Meet international standards to improve the quality of your business, products and/or services
    • Develop and Promote demand for local products for potential import substitution
    • Gain Large Companies’ trust in your business

    4. How do I register as a vendor?

    MSMEs can register as a vendor the DARe LINKS Portal at darelinks.dare.gov.bn. The following documentation is required for registration:

    For sole proprietors:

    • Certificate of Registration (Form 16) and Business Name Extract
    • Copy of Identification of the business owner

    For limited liability company (Sdn Bhd):

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Form X
    • Copy of Identification of Key Executives/Shareholders

    It is recommended that all documents are uploaded in PDF format in their respective fields.

    5. What information will be collected from the companies during the programme?

    DARe will monitor vendors’ activities through:

    • Milestones / KPI achieved
    • Revenue from linkage
    • Feedback on effectiveness of DARe’s assistance

    *KPIs can be tracked based on the following areas: employment, quantity of contracts, the size of contracts, change in turnover, etc.

    Large companies will be required to share:

    • Contract value of successful linkages
    • Satisfaction rating
    • Programme feedback via survey

    6. What are the benefits of attending Vendor Development Training?

    • Manage Risks - Learn how to manage risks that could impact on your business in order to offer an attractive proposal
    • Gain Visibility - Active vendors would increase chances to generate leads and raise awareness of their business
    • Builds Credibility - If clients see your business has the right competencies, they are more likely to commit time or resources to your idea or proposal
    • Verify your Business - Participation in VDT can help DARe verify your business competency and commitment to develop your business

    7. Does my company need to attend the compulsory classes/ workshops again if I have already attended the modules and/or are part of the DARe ecosystem?

    All you have to do is verify any past participation so there will be no duplication of modules attended. In order to verify, please email the following information to darelinks@dare.gov.bn :

    • Company Name
    • Name of Participant
    • Name of Module/Course/Workshop attended
    • Date Attended

    8. How can I access the DARe LINKS Portal?

    You can access the DARe LINKS Portal by registering as a vendor at darelinks.dare.gov.bn

    9. I have registered through the portal, how long does it take for my account to be verified by DARe?

    Please allow a maximum of 3 working days for the application to be verified.

    10. How long will it take to confirm MSMEs participation for VDT courses?

    Please allow 3-4 working days for the status to be updated.

    11. Can I contact the Large Companies directly as their information in the DARe LINKS Portal?

    Yes, you can contact them directly. However, it is recommended to keep linkage activities within the Portal as Large Companies would be more likely to work with vendors verified by DARe. Also, it would allow DARe to better monitor the linkage and provide the necessary support for your business to deliver the work contract successfully.

    12. How will my information be used in the DARe LINKS Portal?

    Any information you shared through the DARe LINKS Portal will be kept confidential and used for DARe’s monitoring perusal only.

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